Benefits of membership:

  • SAG Google Group/Email List Serve updates
  • SAG Library Media Access
  • Voting rights on Grotto business, such as officers, spending, & bylaw changes
  • Receive The Hole Story, SAG’s email newsletter

After having attended at least two Grotto functions, any person wishing to join the Southern Arizona Grotto may request membership at any time.  One of these functions must be a SAG general membership meeting; the other(s) may be either a second general membership meeting OR a recent caving event with at least one current SAG member.  (Pizza no longer counts!)

Alternatively, any NSS member or NSS chartered grotto member may also request membership during any general meeting.  The Executive Committee may waive attendance requirements on a case by case basis. 

Application for membership shall include a statement signed by the applicant indicating support for the goals and conservation policies of SAG and the NSS.  Applications must be accompanied by dues ($12) for the entire current calendar year.  Requests will then be approved or denied by a majority of the qualified voting members at the end of a general membership meeting.  

Southern Arizona Grotto humbly request that all members also join the National Speleological Society within 1 year of joining our grotto.  The cost starts at $40 annually.  Join the NSS or renew membership here.

SAG membership applications are available at all the meetings but if you need to you can print out the 2020 Membership Application to bring with, mail in or fill out and submit electronically.

Furthermore, “Membership” shall consist of the following classifications:  i.Full Member:  Full members are members of the NSS, may vote on NSS,Grotto By-Laws, and local Grotto decisions if that member has attended at least three (3) general membership meetings in the previous twelve(12) months. A full member may hold executive office if that member has attended at least six (6) general membership meetings in the previous twelve (12) months.

ii.  Associate Member:Associate members are not members of the NSS,may not hold executive office, but may vote on local Grotto decisions(excluding By-Laws) if that member has attended at least three(3) general membership meetings in the previous twelve (12)months.Associate Members are encouraged to join the NSS.

iii.  Supporting Members:  Supporting Members are members who have attended fewer than three(3) Grotto events in the previous twelve (12)months. Supporting members forfeit voting rights but retain all other member benefits.

Each new member starts as a supporting member and, after one month of becoming a member, is eligible to move up to an Associate Member or Full Member based on attendance of general membership meetings and NSS membership status.