Caving Projects

Cave survey in Kaibab Caverns


Each year Southern Arizona Grotto members organize caving projects that include environmental clean-up, cave restoration, and cave survey. Current projects include:

1. Buckelew Cave Survey

Buckelew cave is currently being surveyed. Each month the cartographer figures we’re about 80% complete. We have a bunkhouse on site that the land owners are gracious enough to let us stay in while we are there with running water and heat. The survey weekends occur on the third weekend of each month from October to March when the cave is open. (During the summer months the cave is closed to protect the bat population.) All are welcome, even beginners, though we require that people contact us first before showing up. For more information please contact Bob Zimmerman.

2. Sphinx Cave cleanup

Our conservation chair leads trips on the first Sunday of very month. Due to the muddy nature of this cave and not having any pathways defined some pristine white formations have gotten trod destroying the natural beauty. We are packing water into the cave to spray and gently brush the mud off while establishing walking routes to ensure this beautiful resource remains that way for the enjoyment of generations to come. Contact us if you’re interested in participating.

3. Crystal Cave Survey

The Chirachua Crystal Cave survey project was  a multi-year project to survey(map) one of southern Arizona’s prettiest caves. This survey completed in 2016 and the publication of the Crystal Cave Monograph was revealed in December 2016. Head to the Underground Conservancy if you’re interested in the monograph.